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School of Environmental and Biological Sciences

The New Jersey Healthy Kids Initiative (NJHKI)

NJHKI builds upon the core values of the Rutgers New Jersey Institute for Food, Nutrition, and Health with a focus on health equity and community partnership. By uniting with local families to pinpoint child health needs and explore where they are unmet, the NJHKI can develop a task force to address those needs. Learn more about us.

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New Jersey Healthy Kids Initiative

Did you see our July Opinion piece on As summer winds down and NJ families gear up for school this September, it's important that we consider what healthy lifestyle habits and skills we want our children to gain In school. Link to full article in our bio.

What is processed food? Should you be eating processed food? Some processed food can actually be good for you and can save you time in the kitchen. One example of a processed food is pre-chopped salad mix. Don’t stray away from all processed foods! Linked in the bio is more info.

It's important that children learn to prepare and cook food themselves for proper childhood development. These are simple recipes that children as young as five years old can prepare for themselves with adult supervision.

Eating breakfast everyday is important for growing children. Children that eat breakfast are more likely to maintain a healthy weight and be more active. Linked in our bio are some healthy options for breakfast.

Ever wondered what the Nutrition Facts label can tell you about a food product? It can tell you some pretty important things, like the amount of added sugar and the vitamins a food product contains. Linked in the bio is a breakdown of what info is in a Nutrition Facts label.

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